N.E.R.A. Donation Letter 2015




Dear Shipmates,

As president of Sea Services of Knoxville, I have worked over 15 years representing NERA to be one of the few active reserve associations in the public eye of East Tennessee. Each day I hand out business cards to keep our association exposed and to hold a professional look. Some of the activities I represent and take part in actively every year for NERA are the Navy Ball, 4th of July Parade, Veterans Parade, Fleet Reserves meetings, and Smoky Mountain Submariners meetings and projects.

At this time I am asking you to support our organization this year with a donation toward a fundraising campaign. Each year our organization assists individuals in the community that may need help. Without donations from individuals like you, this would not be possible to give assistance to come to the aid of our Veterans.

We cannot maintain our charitable commitments without a little goodwill from the community at large, so we are seeking donations from valued citizens like yourself. No donation will be too small; anything will help us to assist to our Veterans. You can send check, money order, or send credit card through PayPal. My email address is seagunner@aol.com to send payments through PayPal. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at 865-924-0219. Also, please visit our Facebook page at Sea Services of Knoxville. This is my SOS shipmates.



Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Greg McKinney / President of Sea Services of Knoxville

1501 McClain Road Suite 18

Knoxville, TN 37912

865-924-0219 (Cell)

seagunner@aol.com (Email)

seagunner@nera.org (Email)